Bergamot Essential Oil

I am inspired to write about Bergamot today as my daughter Jermaine, baked earl grey Madeleines and wrote about “the bergamot perfume of these tea leaves seriously make it a joy to bake with”.

Bergamot oil never fails! It has such a beautiful aroma and has been used in perfume and confectionery industries.

Like all our citrus oils, Bergamot oil is extracted from the cold expression from the peel of the bergamot fruit, which is picked for its oil while still unripe and green. It has a sweet, fruity, citrus, green with spicy floral undertones. Many layers of aromas in a single oil!   Take a whiff and let the oil communicate to you today!   Many aromatherapy books described Bergamot beautifully –  “Bergamot lightens the shadows of the mind, bringing illumination and laughter. With this, it brings eternal youth and happiness…”

Indeed Bergamot is very much a happy oil.  Beside being a happy oil, it encourages concentration, confidence, balance, strength uplifting yet able to release and dissipate stagnant energy.  When there are too much stagnant energy within a person, it can manifest as irritability, frustration and tension.      As for the physical properties, it is anti bacterial, anti depressive, anti-infectious, antispasmodic and calmative.    Many goodness in a drop of Bergamot Oil!

It is very good to calm agitated kids and also promotes mental clarity, which makes it an excellent oils to use when the children are studying for exams and also in the workplace.

Do be careful if you are diluting Bergamot to for topical application, it is photo toxic, and in Robert Tisserand’s book of essential oils safety, the maximum dermal use is 0.4% to avoid photo toxicity.  However, do note that  Bergamot that is free of furocoumarins (which is the constituents that cause the skin sensitivity to sunlight) is now available,  We do carry Bergamot oil that is FCF free.  Do check before you purchase if it is for topical application.

When diffused with Lavender, Marjoram, it makes a wonderful night time companion.   Bergamot is a must have oil in your aroma journey!    Go get your bottle of happy Bergamot oil today!

Our Well-Being – a therapeutic blend of Sweet Orange, Lavender Bulgaria, Marjoram, Bergamot and Neroli is one of our best seller.

Well-being and bergamot