2016 marks many new milestones for Nila!  Our new office is finally ready and we were busy moving and unpacking. We now have a beautiful home at Midview City! We are still in the midst of unpacking. Once we are done, we will be able to conduct workshops here. So  do let us know what topics you would like us to work on!

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Nila is proud to collaborate with Times Lifestyle a and our oils, baby air purifier and diffusers are now available at their Punggol Waterway Point store!

I am also committed to conduct monthly workshops  in Punggol Waterway Point, starting from March till December 2016.  Our very first workshop is for stressed out students and their parents.  I will talk about using essential oils to help improve your child’s memory, maintain mental clarity and focus.  So, come and discover how essential oils can help you and  your child cope with the coming exams and you will go home with a bespoke roll on and inhaler!

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