Nila Baby Air Purifier

nila-baby-air-purifier 01

Nila Baby Air Purifier is a patented air purifying system with pure essential oils blends that helps to protect the baby’s delicate environment. The Air Purifier combines the synergy of 3 elements which work best together to provide maximum protection.

nila-baby-air-purifier 03Lavender Floral Water

A proprietary air purification liquid that captures and dissolves harmful foreign particles including formaldehyde, bacteria, fungi and unpleasant odours into the solution for safe, convenient disposal.

Hollow Stirring Shaft

A patented hollow stirring shaft in the air purifier unit atomizes the floral water and essential oils for effective air purification and removal of harmful particles.

When used together (Lavender water and air purifier), tests have shown a decrease in the total count of PM2.5 particles (particles smaller than 2.5 micrometers – 100 times thinner than a human hair) in a confined space over the following time periods:

10 minutes          6% reduction

20 minutes          12% reduction

30 minutes         19% reduction

40 minutes         26% reduction

50 minutes         31% reduction

60 minutes         32% reduction

Essential Oil Blends

Specially formulated with babies’ safety in mind, there are 3 essential oils blends to select from.

  • Mosquito Repel. A natural alternative to mosquito repellents with safe and non-toxic, proprietary food grade actives.
  • Breathe Easy. A soothing, congestion-clearing blend that helps to relieve symptoms of colds, flu, cough and sinusitis.
  • Purifying. A fresh, uplifting blend to boost the immune system while providing broad spectrum anti-germ benefits.
Usage Directions
  1. Pour 20 ml of Lavender Floral Water (about 1/4 to “MIN” line) into the purifier unit.
  2. Add 8-10 drops of your preferred essential oil blend and top up with water to the “MAX” line.
  3. Plug in the purifier unit, place it on a flat surface in a safe area, and turn the purifier on.
  1. If using continually on a day to day basis, change the contents every seven days.
  2. If usage is more than 8 hours daily, add a few more drops of essential oil blend when filling to maintain optimal results.
  3. Do not allow contents to remain stagnant for more than 4 days.
  4. When not in use, discard contents, clean and let dry completely before storing away.
  5. To clean, gently scrub the inside of the purifier and around the stirrer with a soft brush.