Nila Kids is specially developed by us for kids ages 2 to 10, with much invaluable expertise provided by the world-acclaimed essential oils expert Mr. Robert Tisserand as our esteemed consultant.  Nila Kids features synergies for children targeted at specific indues and ailments.  These are available in both 10 ml and 50 ml 100% pure and natural, unadulterated essential oils and roll-ons which are diluted with jojoba oil at a right ratio for topical application on the go, as well as pre-diluted treatment oils.

We have been advocating the safe usage of essential oils for babies and children and Nila Kids is a natural progression from Nila Baby.  We know many parents are using essential oils to help alleviate common children’s ailments and we want to ensure that they are using the safe oils and proper dilution.

Together with Nila Kids, we now have a label to indicate which of our single essential oils are considered safe and suitable for expectant mothers and children.  Look out for our labels when you purchase your singles.  This will take the doubt out of your purchase.  


If you are looking for essential oils to use for your children, look no further!  Our oils are created to be safe and effective for children.