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Essential Oils

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7 Chakra EO Set


Crown EO – Live in the present moment and feel serenity, joy and deep peace about life.

Third Eye EO – Seek to understand and get connected with your inner guide. Develop your imagination and greater spiritual awareness.

Throat EO – Improve communication pathways to speak and hear the innermost truths

Heart EO – Expand capacity to love and reach to the deepest places, connect with true essence, spirit and soul

Sacral EO – Unlocked your passion for abundance of creativity and joy. Cleanse and purify through connection to the sacral energies

Solar Plexus EO – Improve communication pathways to speak and hear the innermost truths

Root EO – Realign your connection to the Earth, increase stability and rootedness for true transformation and growth.

Believe EO


Breathe Easy


Bulgaria Rose Otto EO 1ml


Rose Oil is highly valued and treasured for its beauty and exquisite scent. Therapeutic benefits of rose includes:

  • Skincare, suitable for all skin types, especially dry, matured and sensitive skin, it soothes inflammation and stimulates collagen production, protects our skin foundational structure and elastin network.
  • Sensual, feminine and often use as an aphrodisiac, rose brings about a loving and compassionate nature to ourselves and to others
  • Reduce tension and stress, calms the nervous system and uplifting, very effective against depression
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