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7 Chakra EO Set


Crown EO – Live in the present moment and feel serenity, joy and deep peace about life.

Third Eye EO – Seek to understand and get connected with your inner guide. Develop your imagination and greater spiritual awareness.

Throat EO – Improve communication pathways to speak and hear the innermost truths

Heart EO – Expand capacity to love and reach to the deepest places, connect with true essence, spirit and soul

Sacral EO – Unlocked your passion for abundance of creativity and joy. Cleanse and purify through connection to the sacral energies

Solar Plexus EO – Improve communication pathways to speak and hear the innermost truths

Root EO – Realign your connection to the Earth, increase stability and rootedness for true transformation and growth.

Believe EO


Breathe Easy


Bulgaria Rose Otto EO 1ml

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Rose Oil is highly valued and treasured for its beauty and exquisite scent. Therapeutic benefits of rose includes:

  • Skincare, suitable for all skin types, especially dry, matured and sensitive skin, it soothes inflammation and stimulates collagen production, protects our skin foundational structure and elastin network.
  • Sensual, feminine and often use as an aphrodisiac, rose brings about a loving and compassionate nature to ourselves and to others
  • Reduce tension and stress, calms the nervous system and uplifting, very effective against depression