The Power of Patchouli

So I had a morning walk at Botanic garden and came to the Healing Garden and was pleasantly surprised to see Patchouli plants!

Patchouli is an amazing oil, I absolutely love, love, love the scent. And I have a few blends with Patchouli in them, one of them is Nila Essence Believe Yoga mist, a must have for all yogis, you can use it to help with your grounding in your practice. I have included lemon and lime so that you can cleanse your and mat space before and after your practice. Patchouli has an earthy, sweet and warm aroma.

The physical properties are many – Anti-bacteria, Anti-inflammatory, Anti depressant, regenerating, sexual tonic, support immune system, decongestant, insect repellant. I use this a lot in my bespoke blend for eczema treatment and relief.

It also has many amazing emotional properties : Sensuous, gently stimulating, invigorating, energetic, harmonising, balancing, stabilise the mind, negate worry.

It is a must have oil, go round the shop and have a smell, and fall in love and communicate with the oil and let the Patchouli communicate with you! I am very much a free spirit, maybe that is the reason why I love Patchouli so much and wear it as a scent!

I have a yogi who once told me she love Patchouli as it is a very “hippie oil”!

Patchouli2Patchouli3NILA PATCHOULIBelieve Yoga Mist